Hippocrates: 'Let food be your food and food your medicine'

Hippocrates: 'Let food be your food and food your medicine'

Hippocrates considered nutrition one of the main tools that a doctor can use. More than that, dietary measures play a lead part in the original oath of Hippocrates. In modern translations of the oath, the central importance of diet is often somewhat hidden.

Hippocrates did not see food and medicine as one and the same thing. But it's obvious from Hippocrates writings, that diet and lifestyle regime were at the center of his thoughts about the responsibilities of a doctor and the tools for treatment that a doctor can use.

Exercize was also part of it. Hippocrates was a strong proponent of going on walks. “Walking is a natural exercize, more than any other form of physical exercize." Especially a stroll after dinner was considered to be very beneficient by Hippocrates.

Helping you improve your own health, our recipes were designed in the true spirit of Hippocrates. And if you've finished eating, don't forget to take a nice walk. “Avoid fattening the stomach”, said Hippocrates around 400 BC.

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